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Jon Costas - Raw [ML144] Jon Costas - Raw [ML144]
Music / Deep House Today, 14:44

Artist: Jon Costas 
Title: Raw 
Genre: Deep House
Label: Moustache Label
Quality: 320 kbps

Jon Costas - Jack (Original Mix)
Jon Costas - Raw (Original Mix)

Louie Vegan - My Love (For Hummus) [DIGIPENG093] Louie Vegan - My Love (For Hummus) [DIGIPENG093]
Music / Deep House Today, 14:43

Artist: Louie Vegan 
Title: My Love (For Hummus)
Genre: Deep House
Label: Peng
Quality: 320 kbps

Louie Vegan - My Love (For Hummus Bass Dub)
Louie Vegan - My Love (For Hummus)

PHill SA - Falcon Rising [OBS008] PHill SA - Falcon Rising [OBS008]
Music / Deep House Today, 14:41

Artist: PHill SA 
Title: Falcon Rising 
Genre: Deep House
Label: OBS Media
Quality: 320 kbps

PHill SA - Falcon Rising (Original Mix)
PHill SA - Nuclear Missile (Tech Attack Mix)
PHill SA - Rechargeable Volts (Tech Mix)
Mikado Koko - Spiritual Journey [LMP46] Mikado Koko - Spiritual Journey [LMP46]
Music / Deep House Today, 14:38

Artist: Mikado Koko
Title: Spiritual Journey 
Genre: Deep House
Label: Lump Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Mikado Koko - Mount Kurama (Original Mix)
Mikado Koko - Spiritual Journey (Original Mix)
Mikado Koko - Water Fall Meditation (Original Mix)

Kamanda, Inathi - Andik'funi [MRRD135] Kamanda, Inathi - Andik'funi [MRRD135]
Music / Deep House Today, 14:38

Artist: Kamanda, Inathi 
Title: Andik'funi 
Genre: Deep House
Label: Multi-Racial Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Kamanda, Inathi - Andik'funi (Avi Subban Remix)
Kamanda, Inathi - Andik'funi (Space Disco Mix)
Kamanda, Inathi - Andik'funi (Tahir Jones Remix)

VA - Faze DJ Set #70: Klangkarussell [DJS149INT] VA - Faze DJ Set #70: Klangkarussell [DJS149INT]
Deep House / Tech House Today, 14:32

Artist: VA
Title: Faze DJ Set #70: Klangkarussell
Genre: Deep House, Tech House
Label: dig dis! Series
Quality: 320 kbps

andhim – Huso 06:51
Bicep – Glue 04:29
Daniel Steinberg – Rush Me 07:07
Detlef – Forenote 05:43
Fideles – The Border 06:40
John Tejada – She’s a Six 07:04
Klangkarussell – Time (Edit) 05:00
Marc Romboy – Callisto (Joris Voorn Remix) 08:19
Nina Kraviz – Moses (Stimming Remix) 08:08
Ninetoes – Bonita 07:04
Sébastien Léger – La danse du scorpion 09:53
Super Flu – K5000 08:25
Super Flu – Mygut (Solomun Remix) 08:22
Klangkarussell – Faze DJ-Set 70 (Continuous DJ Mix) 81:46
VA - Depth Creation Vol 23 [VMCOMP160] VA - Depth Creation Vol 23 [VMCOMP160]
Music / Deep House Today, 14:31

Artist: VA
Title: Depth Creation, Vol. 23
Genre: Deep House
Label: Variety Music
Quality: 320 kbps

A-bee – Missing You (Tom Vagabondo Remix) 07:05
Alan De Laniere – Mwen Jalou (Afro Carrib Dub Mix) 06:00
Alexandr Mar, Trette – Deep Blue Eyed (Original Mix) 06:50
Boddhi Satva, Bilal – Love Will (Original Mix) 06:04
Diamond Dealer – Road to Maseru (Original Mix) 09:29
Hawie – Consciousness (Original Mix) 06:35
Jazzuelle, Card On Spokes – Circles (feat. LUMA) (Original Mix) 07:31
Liou – Breakin Dub (Original Mix) 07:46
Luka – Solid (Original Mix) 06:55
Luka, Jaidene Veda – Luxury (DJ Tipz & Atjazz Beat Edit) 08:08
Pascale – Nan (Meeshoo Remix) 07:55
PHCK – Orca (Original Mix) 07:02
Phonique, Antonia Vai – Grass Is Greener (Original Mix) 07:28 124bpm
Soul Of Void, JazzyFunk – Never (Dub Mix) 05:47
The Planty Herbs – Mood (Original Mix) 07:15 119bpm
Varec – Groovesense (Original Mix) 07:52
Unknown Mobile - Sharon & Vida [NRML 022] Unknown Mobile - Sharon & Vida [NRML 022]
Music / Deep House Today, 13:39

Artist: Unknown Mobile 
Title: Sharon & Vida 
Genre: Deep House
Label: Normals Welcome
Quality: 320 kbps

Unknown Mobile - Action Aguirre (Original Mix)
Unknown Mobile - Rain Game (Original Mix)
Unknown Mobile - Sharon & Vida (Original Mix)
Unknown Mobile - Trip Leader (Original Mix)
Odd Beholder – Lighting / Moon (Remixes) Odd Beholder – Lighting / Moon (Remixes)
Music / Deep House Today, 10:58

Artist: Odd Beholder
Title: Lighting / Moon (Remixes)
Label: Sinnbus
Genre: Deep House
Quality: 320 kbps

Odd Beholder – Moon (The/Das all sun mix) 6:14
Odd Beholder – Lighting (Fejká remix) 05:15
Michal Ho, MRZ – Multicut EP [CNTXTS1010] Michal Ho, MRZ – Multicut EP [CNTXTS1010]
Music / Deep House Today, 10:53

Artist: Michal Ho, MRZ
Title: Multicut EP
Genre: Deep House
Label: Contexterrior / Tuning Spork
Quality: 320kbps

Michal Ho, MRZ – BASSHOLE (Original Mix) 
Michal Ho, MRZ – MULTICUT (Original Mix) 
Michal Ho, MRZ – OMEGAJAM (Original Mix) 

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Deep house combines an atmospheric sound house and elements of jazz, ambient and chill-out. For a while he was even called "soul house" or "gospel house". Initially, deep-house was filled with melodies, built on old chord progressions, played by organ soft sound. As fans admonish, "deep house is the opposite of all the rest of techno, the music of living people, not cars." Stylistically dip house is instrumental. Vocal is used, but very rarely - often fragments of cappella taken from other records are used, or ready-made voice samples. Still, music is more important than soulful tunes in the dip house, (when in a garage house related to it everything is the opposite). By the way, the scheme was working for a long time: everything that with words was automatically entered into the garage house. As there were not so much pure dip house tracks, performed according to the canons of style (with its inherent sweet melancholy, restraint and ability to record and reduce vocals so that it does not overlap the musical accompaniment, but to be, rather, its complement).

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Dip house is characterized by softness of sound: a uniform bit of cold bass drum is moderately seasoned with additional percussion; the angles of the percussion are rounded - the rhythm is smoothed (often there are phrases like human touch - the touch of a man, as if proving with a scale that this music is really created for people; it is not synthetic, but sentimental, having some density and even material). The bass line is hidden behind the drums, but its presence is quite palpable. In the foreground there are warm keyboards: sometimes vague, and sometimes (from track to track) there are jerky sounds. To enhance the presence of the jazz atmosphere, the effect of instantaneous sound flowing from one channel to another is added. The canonical dip house supports a rhythm from 120 to 130 beats per minute, which makes this music not the most danceable. In fact, even the expression "dip house - is for soul, not for feet".