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Deep Fog, Cream (PL) - Iridium (Part II.) [SFR344] Deep Fog, Cream (PL) - Iridium (Part II.) [SFR344]
Music / Progressive House Today, 14:46

Artist: Deep Fog, Cream (PL)
Title: Iridium (Part II.)
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Stellar Fountain
Quality: 320 kbps

Deep Fog, Cream (PL) – Iridium (Plus Thirty Remix) 6:23
Deep Fog, Cream (PL) – Iridium (Ivan Sandhas Remix) 8:08
Malandra Jr. - Elastika EP [ELS024] Malandra Jr. - Elastika EP [ELS024]
Techno / Progressive House Today, 14:29

Artist: Malandra Jr.
Title: Elastika EP
Genre: Progressive House, Melodic House & Techno
Label: Eleatics Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Malandra Jr. - Elastika (Original Mix) 6:02
Malandra Jr. - Fango Nero (Original Mix) 6:16
Malandra Jr. - Julius (Original Mix) 6:21
Mir Omar - Missed Pieces [FSOEUV054] Mir Omar - Missed Pieces [FSOEUV054]
Music / Progressive House Today, 14:26

Artist: Mir Omar
Title: Missed Pieces
Genre: Progressive House
Label: FSOE UV
Quality: 320 kbps

Mir Omar - Missed Pieces (Extended Mix) 8:39
Ezequiel Arias, Artfaq - Babel [RPLG064] Ezequiel Arias, Artfaq - Babel [RPLG064]
Music / Progressive House Today, 12:56

Artist: Ezequiel Arias, Artfaq
Title: Babel
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Replug
Quality: 320 kbps

Ezequiel Arias, Artfaq - Babel (Original Mix) 8:03
Ezequiel Arias, Artfaq - Polaroid (Original Mix) 8:00
VA - This Is Underground 21 [MYC725] VA - This Is Underground 21 [MYC725]

Artist: VA
Title: This Is Underground 21
Genre: Progressive House, Techno, Electro House, Deep House
Label: Mystic Carousel Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Dimitri Frame, A1bert – Above Us (Above Mix) 7:00
CEttA – Open Your Minds (Original Mix) 7:52
CEttA – Panoramic View (Original Mix) 7:31
Delcraft – Syx Deep Emotion (Restandarized) 10:01
Emma Ruggers – Copacabana (Original Mix) 5:45
Hakan Akcan – Energy (Original Mix) 8:48
Hansgod – Trucdeep (Original Mix) 5:55
JohnRagnaro – La Mansi\u00f3n De Arauca\u00edma (Watercolor Mix) 10:23
Maxi Scheffer – Venom (Original Mix) 7:00
Sylk Poletti – Amor (Original Mix) 8:46
Sylk Poletti – Live Lite (Original Mix) 9:51
Sync Squad – Fire (Original Mix) 6:08
Kenshi Kamaro, Sync Squad – Fire (Kenshi Kamaro Remix) 8:32
VA - Melodic Creations, Vol. 3 [VOLTCOMP798] VA - Melodic Creations, Vol. 3 [VOLTCOMP798]

Artist: VA
Title: Melodic Creations, Vol. 3
Genre: Progressive House / Electronica / Downtempo / Melodic House & Techno
Label: Voltaire Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Kyau & Albert, Hello Machines, Hexlogic – Changes (Hexlogic Remix) 6:49
Florian Kruse, Hendrik Burkhard, TheGround – Kingdom Of Crumbling Walls feat. Vincenzo, (Original Mix) 7:21
Betoko, Rafael Cerato – Devil feat. Liu Bei (Original Mix) 8:01
Jerome Isma-Ae, Marc DePulse, Several Definitions, Alastor – Sharks (Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor Remix) 7:13
Space Motion – Flow (Original Mix) 7:05
Namatjira, Antrim – Leak Gardens (Namatjira Remix) 7:20
Renato Cohen – Sauna (Original Mix) 9:38
NekliFF – Rite (Original Mix) 6:30
Pedro Mercado, Na Te, Stefano Richetta – Humanity feat. Aves Volare (Stefano Richetta Remix) 8:31
Sasch BBC, Caspar – Gold Palm (Original Mix) 6:15
Carlo Whale – +5st (Original Mix) 6:32
Vlad Jet, Vlad Yaki – Charivan (Original Mix) 7:02
Th;en, Starkato – Nightmares (Original Mix) 6:41
Alex Aguayo – Blessed (Original Mix) 7:24
Anden – Apologies (Original Mix) 6:21
Unique (CRO) – Venus (Original Mix) 6:46
Artem Neba, DJ Tokyo – Afon (Retouch) 7:10
Pagano, Tony Bruno - Come On [ALCDG124] Pagano, Tony Bruno - Come On [ALCDG124]
House / Progressive House Yesterday, 20:19

Artist: Pagano, Tony Bruno
Title: Come On
Genre: Progressive House, Funky / Groove / Jackin' House
Label: Alchemy (Italy)
Quality: 320 kbps

Pagano, Tony Bruno - Come On (Original Mix) 6:22
Pagano, Tony Bruno - Come On (Pagano Remix) 7:10
Stan Kolev - Within [OL301] Stan Kolev - Within [OL301]
Music / Progressive House Yesterday, 20:18

Artist: Stan Kolev
Title: Within
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Outta Limits
Quality: 320 kbps

Stan Kolev - Within (Original Mix) 7:21
Riamiwo - Skalarfeld EP [SMTC028] Riamiwo - Skalarfeld EP [SMTC028]
Techno / Minimal / Progressive House Yesterday, 11:03

Artist: Riamiwo
Title: Skalarfeld EP
Genre: Minimal / Deep Tech, Progressive House, Melodic House & Techno
Label: Somatic Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Riamiwo - Skalarfeld (Original Mix) 7:58
Riamiwo - Vektorimpedanz (Original Mix) 8:24
Riamiwo - Phasendoppler (Original Mix) 8:00
Riamiwo - Skalarfeld (Jaden Raxel Remix) 7:16
Riamiwo - Skalarfeld (Starkato Remix) 6:46
Riamiwo - Vektorimpedanz (Hushkin Remix) 8:11
Riamiwo - Phasendoppler (Stefan Helmke Remix) 6:32
Deepness - Midnight Memories [SYMM074] Deepness - Midnight Memories [SYMM074]
Deep House / Techno / Progressive House Yesterday, 10:59

Artist: Deepness
Title: Midnight Memories
Genre: Deep House, Progressive House, Melodic House & Techno
Label: Symmetric Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Deepness - Say My Name (Original Mix) 10:40
Deepness - Midnight Memories (Original Mix) 7:32
Deepness - Midnight Memories (Walls of Arctica Remix) 7:04
Deepness - Parts of My Life (Original Mix) 8:27
Deepness - Argos (Original Mix) 7:32
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This kind of house style was originated in the early 1990s in the UK. The term "Progressive house" was first applied in 1992 by the editor-in-chief of the English magazine Mixmag Dom Phillips. This term denoted the music played by the British DJ Sasha - an American house with an admixture of Italian music. Relatively speaking, the progressive house has already experienced two bursts of popularity.

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The first was in the mid-90s in English clubs like "Drum club" and "Renaissance". Gradually the progressive house became more popular, easier, more understandable and more accessible to the average inhabitant. The second wave of popularity arose in the early 2000s. The main person on this scene was John Digweed and his label Bedrock records. Nowadays progressive house is one of the most popular directions of music on the dance floor. Progressive House is characterized by numerous samples and musical instruments in the development of rhythm. Music lovers will enjoy the fact that progressive house has a rich ideological content distinguishing it from other musical genres.