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Eats Everything - Rollers [DESOLAT077] Eats Everything - Rollers [DESOLAT077]
Music / Tech House Today, 11:34

Artist: Eats Everything
Title: Rollers
Label: Desolat
Genre: Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

Eats Everything - Lickal Rolla (Original Mix) 7:23
Eats Everything - LLR (Original Mix) 5:58
Eats Everything - Smartypants (Original Mix) 6:32
Placidic Dream - Experimental [PRR067] Placidic Dream - Experimental [PRR067]
Tech House / Techno Today, 11:34

Artist: Placidic Dream
Title: Experimental
Label: Phunky Rabbit Records
Genre: Techno, Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

Placidic Dream - The House (Original Mix) 8:52
Placidic Dream - The Creation (Original Mix) 7:48
Placidic Dream - The Release (Original Mix) 7:00
Placidic Dream - The Solar Winds (Original Mix) 8:44
Placidic Dream - The Neon Flight (Original Mix) 8:15
Placidic Dream - The World Can Change (Original Mix) 8:35
Placidic Dream - The Cyber Dance (Original Mix) 8:27
Placidic Dream - The Metro (Original Mix) 9:12
Christian Belt - Heimspiel [10148461] Christian Belt - Heimspiel [10148461]
Music / Tech House Today, 11:29

Artist: Christian Belt
Title: Heimspiel
Label: Bc Music
Genre: Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

Christian Belt - Heimspiel (Original Mix) 9:10
Christian Belt - Without Translation (Original Mix) 9:19
Christian Belt - Droplet Transmission (Original Mix) 10:26
Dirt Shuffle - Dive or Not [10157791] Dirt Shuffle - Dive or Not [10157791]
Music / Tech House Today, 11:26

Artist: Dirt Shuffle
Title: Dive or Not
Label: Telepath Records
Genre: Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

Dirt Shuffle - Dive or Not (Original Mix) 6:25
Dirt Shuffle - Slope This (Original Mix) 6:15
Dirt Shuffle - Cat Rings (Original Mix) 6:27
Julian Collazos - Bidolibido EP [B025] Julian Collazos - Bidolibido EP [B025]
Music / Tech House Today, 11:19

Artist: Julian Collazos
Title: Bidolibido EP
Label: BOOTH
Genre: Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

Julian Collazos - Bidolibido (Original Mix) 6:09
Julian Collazos - Synt 23 - (Original Mix) 6:26
DJ Baloo - Blindspot [619] DJ Baloo - Blindspot [619]
Music / Tech House Today, 11:17

Artist: DJ Baloo
Title: Blindspot
Label: Friky Bears Recording
Genre: Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

DJ Baloo - Blindspot (Original Mix) 8:15
DJ Baloo - Blindspot (Vocal Remix) 8:15
VA - Communications [STT047] VA - Communications [STT047]
Deep House / Tech House Today, 11:13

Artist: VA
Title: Communications
Label: Stammtisch
Genre: Tech House, Deep House
Quality: 320 kbps

Raumlehre - 12 Parsecs (Original Mix) 6:52
Camoflash - On A Treadmill (Original Mix) 7:17
Sigother - Pseudolite (Original Mix) 6:14
Clique Rouge - Kinesis (Original Mix) 6:38
Dan Rubell - Stellar Attitude (Original Mix) 7:29
Transitive Feelings - Wash Steps (Original Mix) 5:50
Le Kawumm - High Key (Original Mix) 6:59
Simplex Sensus - Bugless (Original Mix) 6:41
Roland De Saint - Struggling People (Original Mix) 6:41
Z Musto - Bizarre (Original Mix) 6:39
Dan Rubell - Upcycling (Original Mix) 7:11
Zapotec - Nicap (Original Mix) 7:10
VA - Tech Emotions [Q0005] VA - Tech Emotions [Q0005]
Music / Tech House Today, 11:13

Artist: VA
Title: Tech Emotions
Label: Quelapazza
Genre: Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

Topos Bongo - Phoenix (Club Edit) 4:15
Old Brick Warehouse - Fly Rabbit Fly (No Keys Mix) 3:08
D33tro7 - The Monk (Dub Mix) 7:27
Cellos Specialist - Tribalnova (Alternative Extended Mix) 6:13
Mason Collective September Heaters Chart Mason Collective September Heaters Chart

Artist: VA
Title: Mason Collective September Heaters Chart
Genre: Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Tech House, House
Quality: 320 kbps

Reme – Listen Up (Original Mix) (6:47)
Jean Pierre – 420 (Mason Collective Remix) (6:30)
Djebali, Chris Stussy – Grey (Original Mix) (6:41)
DeMarzo – Paragon (Original Mix) (6:27)
Reme – Indecisive (Original Mix) (7:21)
Cuartero – Aire Libre (Original Mix) (6:08)
Diego Krause – Stumblers (Original Mix) (8:00)
Jean Pierre, Trangaz, Jesse Calosso – High Roller (Original Mix) (6:06)
Matpri – Milavarila (Original Mix) (8:15)
Jean Pierre, Jesse Calosso, Harvard Bass, Kid Enigma – Bogus (Original Mix) (7:30)
Endor PUMP IT UP Chart Endor PUMP IT UP Chart
Tech House / Minimal / House / Dj Charts Today, 10:48

Artist: VA
Title: Endor PUMP IT UP Chart
Genre: Minimal / Deep Tech, Tech House, House
Quality: 320 kbps

Endor – Pump It Up (Extended Mix) (6:09)
Ramin Rezaie – Soundin’ Good (Original Mix) (6:21)
Dalfie – Dr Green Thumd (Original Mix) (6:38)
Roger That (UK) – Work (Extended Mix) (7:38)
Khalifa Cyrus – North Side (Original Mix) (5:27)
Cele – Tokyo Tech (Original Mix) (6:31)
Moda (IRE) – Ratch (Original Mix) (4:37)
Josh Butler – Right Time (Original Mix) (5:26)
Martin Ikin – Rockin Beatz (Original Mix) (6:07)
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The musical style arose when house and techno music were mixed. It is characterized by minimalism, rare percussion grooves, spatial sound, deep bass line. The direction originated in the early 90s. The main influence on the style was provided by Eddie Richards and Terry Francis, combining the traditional structure of house music with tough variations of Detroit-techno in their mixes. Then, the musicians who visited the London parties Subterrain and Wiggle, began to make music similar to that which sounded in the sets of these DJs. Tech-house was widely distributed thanks to the label of Plastic City, in particular, Jean F. Cochois (Timewriter) and Norman Feller (Terry Lee Brown Jr.). They brought to this style more deep-house sound, which added beauty and succulence to it.

Tech House mixes and albums

Tech House harmoniously combines: classic house beat, African percussion, minimalism, Latin American motifs, intellectual segments, synthetic or acidic sounds of the blues sound, energetic techno-rhythm, deep bass-line, melodic, high-quality vocals, unpredictable sound effects.