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ANNA Speicher picks ANNA Speicher picks
Deep House / Tech House / Techno / Dj Charts Today, 00:27

Artist: VA
Title: ANNA Speicher picks
Genre: Techno, Deep House, Tech House, Melodic House & Techno
Quality: 320 kbps

ANNA - Hidden Beauties (Original Mix)
Patrice Baumel - Surge (Original Mix)
Saschienne - Unknown (Dixon Mix)
Laurent Garnier - 1-4 Doctor C'est Chouette (Original Mix)
Superpitcher - Enzian (Original Mix)
Translucent, Danny Daze - Speaker Language (Original Mix)
ANNA - The Dansant (Original Mix)
Voigt & Voigt - Superstar (Original Mix)
Terranova - Labrador (Reinhard Voigt Mix)
Gui Boratto, Renato Ratier - Tesla (Original Mix)
Shiba San Exclusion Shiba San Exclusion
Tech House / Techno / House / Dj Charts Today, 00:27

Artist: VA
Title: Shiba San Exclusion
Genre: Techno, House, Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

Shiba San - Exclusion (Original Mix)
Shiba San - Look Back (Original Mix)
B.Traits - I Feel the Music (Original Mix)
Vangelis Kostoxenakis - Bob Is Dead (Original Mix)
Kerri Chandler - 25 Years of Madhouse (Continuous Mix)
Rogue D - Chains (Patrick Topping Remix)
Yvan Genkins - Party (Original Mix)
Wehbba - Just (Original Mix)
Matt Sassari, Patrik Berg - Nervosity (Original Mix)
Hauswerks & Doorly - Put Your Back Into It feat. Gene Farris (Original Mix)
Sasha's Smoke Monk Chart Sasha's Smoke Monk Chart

Artist: VA
Title: Sasha's Smoke Monk Chart
Genre: Melodic House & Techno, Deep House, Leftfield House & Techno, House, Tech House, Progressive House
Quality: 320 kbps

Sasha - Smoke Monk (Original Mix)
Francesca Lombardo - Eye Ring (Martin Buttrich's Dub Thing Two)
Hannes Bieger - Galeras (Original Mix)
Applescal - Harmony One (Original Mix)
Core - Galaxy (Original Mix)
Monolink - Swallow (Tale Of Us Remix)
Sasha - Smoke Monk (VONDA7 6am Flight Remix)
Cristoph - The Duel (Original Mix)
Skee Mask - Rev8617 (Original Mix)
Elax - Reaktor (Original Mix)
Mauri Fly - Jack [STPH115] Mauri Fly - Jack [STPH115]
Tech House / House Yesterday, 14:26

Artist: Mauri Fly
Title: Jack
Genre: Tech House, Afro House
Label: Stereophonic
Quality: 320 kbps

Mauri Fly - Jack (Original Mix) 6:19
Mauri Fly - Jack (Silvano Del Gado Remix) 6:00
Sound Cloup - Dopest EP [YANGR007] Sound Cloup - Dopest EP [YANGR007]
Music / Tech House Yesterday, 14:25

Artist: Sound Cloup
Title: Dopest EP
Genre: Tech House
Label: AIMEC Yang Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Sound Cloup - Betrying (Original Mix) 6:58
Sound Cloup - Dopest (Original Mix) 5:44
Sound Cloup - Must Work (Original Mix) 5:58
Umberto Pagliaroli – Love the Beat [DNC028] Umberto Pagliaroli – Love the Beat [DNC028]
Music / Tech House Yesterday, 11:52

Artist: Umberto Pagliaroli
Title: Love the Beat
Genre: Tech House
Label: Dazed & Confused Records
Quality: 320 kbps

1. Umberto Pagliaroli – Love the Beat (Original Mix) (8:00)
2. Umberto Pagliaroli – Love the Beat (Dean Demanuele Remix) (6:27)
3. Umberto Pagliaroli – Love the Beat (Refresh Remix) (7:58)
4. Umberto Pagliaroli – Love the Beat (Fabrizio Marra Remix) (8:20)
5. Umberto Pagliaroli – Love the Beat (Tek Mix) (6:47)
VA - Endless Summer [LPSC046C] VA - Endless Summer [LPSC046C]
Deep House / Tech House / House Yesterday, 09:55

Artist: VA
Title: Endless Summer
Genre: House, Deep House, Tech House
Label: Lapsus Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Ruben Mandolini – Romantica (Instrumental Mix) 07:17 125bpm Cmin
Audio Junkies, Cari Golden – Right Love feat. Cari Golden (Original Mix) 06:56 120bpm Emin
Supernova – Suite 58 (Original Mix) 06:27 123bpm Cmaj
Echonomist – Sunday (Original Mix) 08:57 125bpm D#maj
Zoo Brazil – Bring Back (Original Mix) 05:53 123bpm Dmin
Supernova – Open Monday (Original Mix) 06:03 125bpm A#maj
Anthony Attalla, Dqwon – Thick (Pirupa Remix) 06:12 124bpm Amin
Flashmob, C /\\ R L – Now Is feat. C /\\ R L (Original Mix) 07:05 124bpm Bmin
Roog – Beats in My House (Original Mix) 04:42 124bpm Amin
Ki Creighton – Nocturnal (Supernova In Da House Mix) 07:00 124bpm Cmin
Luna City Express – Dj Dynamite feat. Aaron Palmer (Sante Sansone Remix) 06:00 124bpm Dmin
Supernova – Above All Things (Original Mix) 06:30 124bpm G#min
Frederick – Ms. Jackson (Original Mix) 06:17 123bpm Cmin
Supernova – Get Enough (Original Mix) 06:51 124bpm Amin
PAX – Stardust (Original Mix) 06:46 124bpm Cmaj
Doc Martin, Joeski – Presence in the Air (Original Mix) 06:40 123bpm Amin
RYBO, Lubelski – Dance Machine (Supernova Remix) 06:36 126bpm Amin
Francesco Dinoia – Refresh (Original Mix) 06:15 123bpm Dmin
Kydus – Ride the Boogie (Original Mix) 06:17 124bpm A#min
Marco Santoro, Andrea Maggino, Big Ma.Mi – Dreaming of the Island (Original Mix) 06:17 125bpm C#min
Pete Zorba – Light Room (Supernova Remix) 06:49 125bpm Amin
Qubiko – Head Up (Original Mix) 06:39 125bpm A#min
Dario D’Attis – Nesselfieber (Luna City Express Human Civilisation Edit) 06:46 121bpm Amin
Prok & Fitch, Supernova – Frozen Ladies (Original Mix) 06:06 124bpm Amin
The Deepshakerz – A Detroit Trip (Original Mix) 06:08 126bpm A#min
Rich Wakley – Plastic Smile (Original Mix) 06:50 124bpm Amin
Toni Varga, Bjorn Wilke – The Black Hole (2 Sides of Soul Remix) 06:30 123bpm Cmin
Thomas Gandey, Habischman – Let Me feat. Thomas Gandey (Kevin Over´s 6AM Mix) 07:52 122bpm Amaj
Alexander Aurel – La Noche (Original Mix) 07:03 125bpm G#min
Supernova, Javier Cardellino – Tuyo feat. Javier Cardellino (Colombian Club Mix) 06:41 124bpm Cmin
Robbie Akbal Endless Summer 2018 Robbie Akbal Endless Summer 2018
Deep House / Tech House / House / Electronic / Dj Charts Yesterday, 00:46

Artist: VA
Title: Robbie Akbal Endless Summer 2018
Genre: Tech House, Deep House, Electronica / Downtempo, Afro House, House
Quality: 320 kbps

Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons - Eli Eli (Original Mix)
Zone+, Bachir Salloum - Odin (Original Mix)
Robbie Akbal - Plantas de los Dioses (Original Mix)
Chaos In The CBD - Kaitaia Fire (Original Mix)
Robbie Akbal - Chacahua (Original Mix)
Unders, Ravelli - Love Pocket (Original Mix)
Reference - Exo (Original Mix)
Amonita - Jakaranda (Original Mix)
Punu - Scanners (Original Mix)
Robbie Akbal, Eric Volta - Voodoo Drugsex Music (Original Mix)
Betoko, Marc DePulse - Something Spacial [EINMUSIKA130] Betoko, Marc DePulse - Something Spacial [EINMUSIKA130]
Tech House / Progressive House Yesterday, 00:44

Artist: Betoko, Marc DePulse
Title: Something Spacial
Genre: Tech House, Progressive House
Label: Einmusika Recordings
Quality: 320 kbps

Betoko, Marc DePulse - Something Spacial (Original Mix) 9:03
Betoko - Morphanikal (Original Mix) 8:55
Betoko - Cryptonight (Original Mix) 8:56
Secondcity - History of Groove [ERM139] Secondcity - History of Groove [ERM139]
Music / Tech House Yesterday, 00:44

Artist: Secondcity
Title: History of Groove
Genre: Tech House
Label: ElRow Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Secondcity - History of Groove (Original Mix) 6:54
Secondcity - History of Groove (Technasia Remix) 7:27
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The musical style arose when house and techno music were mixed. It is characterized by minimalism, rare percussion grooves, spatial sound, deep bass line. The direction originated in the early 90s. The main influence on the style was provided by Eddie Richards and Terry Francis, combining the traditional structure of house music with tough variations of Detroit-techno in their mixes. Then, the musicians who visited the London parties Subterrain and Wiggle, began to make music similar to that which sounded in the sets of these DJs. Tech-house was widely distributed thanks to the label of Plastic City, in particular, Jean F. Cochois (Timewriter) and Norman Feller (Terry Lee Brown Jr.). They brought to this style more deep-house sound, which added beauty and succulence to it.

Tech House mixes and albums

Tech House harmoniously combines: classic house beat, African percussion, minimalism, Latin American motifs, intellectual segments, synthetic or acidic sounds of the blues sound, energetic techno-rhythm, deep bass-line, melodic, high-quality vocals, unpredictable sound effects.