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Creaminals – Sugar Mama [BHR052] Creaminals – Sugar Mama [BHR052]
Music / Tech House Today, 19:13

Artist: Creaminals
Title: Sugar Mama
Genre: Tech House
Label: Believe House Records
Quality: 320kbps

Creaminals – Give It Now (Original Mix) 5:55 /125bpm/ Fmaj
Creaminals – Sugar Mama (Original Mix) 6:14 /124bpm/ Dmin

Alvaro AM - Need Solutions [PP11] Alvaro AM - Need Solutions [PP11]
Music / Tech House Today, 17:34

Artist: Alvaro AM
Title: Need Solutions
Label: Playpo
Genre: Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

Alvaro AM - Need Solutions (Original Mix) 6:32
Hot Since 82's Miami melters Hot Since 82's Miami melters

Artist: VA
Title: Hot Since 82's Miami melters
Genre: Tech House, Techno, Deep House, Electronica / Downtempo, House, Dj Chart
Quality: 320 kbps

Miane - House so House (Original Mix)
Collective Machine - Turning (Original Mix)
Mark Broom - G Theme (Original Mix)
Quell - Jericho (Original Mix)
SRVD - Brotha (Original Mix)
Floorplan - Let The Church (Original Mix)
Will Clarke, Eli Brown - Our Love (Original Mix)
Satoshi Tomiie - Bassline (Dana Ruh Remix)
Mark Broom - Box Set (Original Mix)
Nic Fanciulli - Understand (Original Mix)
Hyperloop - Reknik (Original Mix)
Chaim - Safe Word (Bambook & Quina Remix)
DJ Sneak - The Pick Up Dubb (Original Mix)
The Chain - Geo (Original Mix), Floyd Lavine - Seamless (Daniel Stefanik Remix)
Miane - Don't Trust Anyone (Original Mix)
Leftwing & Kody WMC Ready Leftwing & Kody WMC Ready
Tech House / Dj Charts Today, 12:14

Artist: VA
Title: Leftwing & Kody WMC Ready
Genre: Tech House, Dj Chart
Quality: 320 kbps
Pirate Copy, Leftwing : Kody - Can You Feel (Original Mix)
Alto - Beat Boy (Original Mix)
Piero Pirupa, Alex Kennon - Vision (Original Mix)
Todd Terry, Tuff London - Psychodrama (feat. Jasmien Nanhekhan) (Original Mix)
Anthony Attalla - Cypress (Original Mix)
Agar - Fire In Town (Original Mix)
Iglesias - Subdue (Original Mix)
Cloonee - Be Good To Me (Extended Mix)
Luuk Van Dijk - Still Doesn't Care (Original Mix)
Josh Watts, George Smeddles - Breath & Stop (Original Mix)
Alisha, Pirate Copy - Girls (Original Mix)
Joris Voorn Walls Remix Chart Joris Voorn Walls Remix Chart

Artist: VA
Title: Joris Voorn Walls Remix Chart
Genre: Tech House, Techno, Indie Dance / Nu Disco, Melodic House & Techno, House, Dj Chart
Quality: 320 kbps

Yotto - Walls (Joris Voorn Extended Mix)
Steve Silk Hurley, Kym Sims - A Little Bit More (Michel De Hey Version)
Tone Depth - Stitch (Original Mix)
Avoid - Sektor 01 (Original Mix)
Cowboy Rhythmbox - Vodonik (Original Mix)
Ruede Hagelstein - Shai (Original Mix)
Planetary Assault Systems - Give It Up (Original Mix)
Inner City - Good Love (Samuel L. Session & Van Czar Extended Remix)
Marc Houle - Bay Of Figs (Original Mix)
Jaden Thompson, Dub Clap – Alright EP [EC019] Jaden Thompson, Dub Clap – Alright EP [EC019]
Tech House / House Today, 11:22

Artist: Jaden Thompson
Title: Alright EP
Genre: House/Tech House
Label: Emerald City Music
Quality: 320kbps

Jaden Thompson – Alright (Original Mix) 6:39 /125bpm/ Dmaj
Jaden Thompson, Dub Clap – Freak Groove (Original Mix) 6:30 /128bpm/ Amin
Jaden Thompson – Starsign (Original Mix) 6:38 /127bpm/ Amin
Klaus Keller – My House / Push It [KUBU106] Klaus Keller – My House / Push It [KUBU106]
Music / Tech House Today, 11:17

Artist: Klaus Keller
Title: My House / Push It
Genre: Tech House
Label: Kubu Music
Quality: 320kbps

Klaus Keller – My House (Original Mix) 6:05 /125bpm/ A#min
Klaus Keller – Push It (Original Mix) 6:47 /123bpm/ F#min
Mata Jones, CLiVe – Jack [MRCARTER106] Mata Jones, CLiVe – Jack [MRCARTER106]
Music / Tech House Today, 11:17

Artist: Mata Jones, CLiVe
Title: Jack
Genre: Tech House
Label: Mr. Carter
Quality: 320kbps

Mata Jones, CLiVe – Jack (Original Mix) 6:51 /126bpm/ A#maj
Mata Jones, CLiVe – Talk (Original Mix) 5:53 /125bpm/ A#maj
DJ Lugo, Villamizar - Cosmos [WMR196] DJ Lugo, Villamizar - Cosmos [WMR196]
Tech House / Techno Today, 11:16

Artist: DJ Lugo, Villamizar
Title: Cosmos
Genre: Techno, Tech House
Label: White Music Records
Quality: 320 kbps

DJ Lugo, Villamizar - Cosmos (Original Mix) 6:51
DJ Lugo, Villamizar - The Time Is Timeles (Original Mix) 7:22
Carnao Beats, Damon Hess – Head Bake [ONIT015] Carnao Beats, Damon Hess – Head Bake [ONIT015]
Tech House / House Today, 11:16

Artist: Carnao Beats, Damon Hess
Title: Head Bake
Genre: Tech House/House
Label: ON IT Recordings
Quality: 320kbps

Carnao Beats, Damon Hess – Head Bake (Original Mix) 5:44 /124bpm/ Amin
Carnao Beats, Damon Hess – Lose My Mind (Original Mix) 5:09 /125bpm/ Amin
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The musical style arose when house and techno music were mixed. It is characterized by minimalism, rare percussion grooves, spatial sound, deep bass line. The direction originated in the early 90s. The main influence on the style was provided by Eddie Richards and Terry Francis, combining the traditional structure of house music with tough variations of Detroit-techno in their mixes. Then, the musicians who visited the London parties Subterrain and Wiggle, began to make music similar to that which sounded in the sets of these DJs. Tech-house was widely distributed thanks to the label of Plastic City, in particular, Jean F. Cochois (Timewriter) and Norman Feller (Terry Lee Brown Jr.). They brought to this style more deep-house sound, which added beauty and succulence to it.

Tech House mixes and albums

Tech House harmoniously combines: classic house beat, African percussion, minimalism, Latin American motifs, intellectual segments, synthetic or acidic sounds of the blues sound, energetic techno-rhythm, deep bass-line, melodic, high-quality vocals, unpredictable sound effects.