Future Music November 2018

Soft / Music Magazines 24-10-2018
Future Music November 2018
The beauty of semi-modular synths is their ability to straddle the divide between accessibility and complexity. With a pre-routed, subtractive synth engine, anybody can create and edit sounds with ease, but the addition of a patchbay opens up the road to more complex, creative and weirder sound design tricks. 
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Soft / Music Magazines 25-08-2018
For a track to sound at its best on a club sound system, it needs to sound tight at certain key frequencies. You need powerful bass that avoids being muddy and overblown, you need highs that will cut through without sounding tinny. In this issue’s Mixing For The Club cover feature, we’ll help you get your tracks club-ready. We’ll look at how to make sure they’ll sound great on any system, and how to prepare your creations to slot perfectly into a DJ set.
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Soft / Music Magazines 16-08-2018
In our cover feature this month, Alex Holmes guides you through the science and logic behind why it’s necessary to calibrate your studio and equipment, and the steps you’ll need to take to guarantee perfect, balanced sound at all times.
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Soft / Music Magazines 24-07-2018
In an age when production software is more powerful than ever, there’s still something to be said for shutting down the computer and going full hardware with your music making. From the tactile feel of twisting dials and bashing buttons, to the sonic unpredictability that comes from running sound through an elaborate audio chain, there’s something about working with ‘real’ instruments and effects that you just can’t recreate with software and controllers. 
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Soft / Music Magazines 23-06-2018
Within the world of electronic music, the beat is everything. Particularly if your music is designed to be played in clubs or at raves or festivals, its impact is going to live or die on the strength of your drum groove. 
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Soft / Music Magazines 23-06-2018
Broadly speaking, there are two ways to use effects in music production as mix tools, or as creative processors. These two applications are effectively the polar opposite of one another. The former is all about transparency trying to improve the sound of an audio signal without making it obvious that an effect has been used on it.

Future Music Issue 328 March 2018 PDF Future Music Issue 328 March 2018 PDF
Soft / Music Magazines 16-02-2018
NEW GEAR 2018. Traditionally, January always brings a flood of new music technology gear, as companies break out their latest releases for the NAMM trade show in California, and this year is no different.