Embertone Crystal Flute KONTAKT Embertone Crystal Flute KONTAKT
Crystal Flute - an instrument made from glass which possesses a magical and expressive sound. We went back to our roots to make an expressive little instrument, a la Jubal Flute and Ivory Wind. This is an instrument that we’ve wanted to sample for a very long time. The tone is also similar to a concert flute, but wispier and more evocative.
Zenhiser Kick Masters Progressive and Main Room House WAV Zenhiser Kick Masters Progressive and Main Room House WAV
Zenhiser is back with the most infectious kick drums to date, designed for Progressive House & Main Room House these powerful kicks are ready to drag & drop and will deliver instant punch, clarity and drive to all your tracks. Each kick drum has been custom engineered for absolute maximum penetration without delving into too much overdrive or bottom end failure. They are clean, crisp and ready to deliver with every kick designed exclusively in the Zenhiser studio you know this is going to be a huge sample pack.
Zenhiser Trapstep Warrior WAV Zenhiser Trapstep Warrior WAV
We’re on a Trap roll here at Zenhiser with our latest offering blasting it’s way into the Trapstep arena. ‘Trapstep Warrior’ is not a sample pack, it’s a Trap movement delivering top end elements to push the musical boundaries of your Trap tracks. We’ve included everything in the Zenhiser pack for your Trap infusion, basslines, beats, full hooks, fx and synth loops, all totalling 380 samples and loops. The zip file comes in at just under 560mb so you know ‘Trapstep Warrior’ is crammed full of 24 bit killer wav’s.
Misfit Digital Trap-A-Velli Vol.2 WAV MiDi Misfit Digital Trap-A-Velli Vol.2 WAV MiDi
'Trap-A-Velli Vol 2' is the second installment to the highly successful first volume. This product is the reincarnation of Trap, inspired by artists such as Migoes, French Montana, Young Thug, and more. 'Trap-A-Velli Vol 2' includes cutting-edge arps, deep brass, and house-shaking 808's.

If you wanna make great Trap music this product is for you. 'Trap-A-Velli Vol 2' is for any producer looking to start their Trap era.
Misfit Digital 808 Madness Vol.1 WAV Misfit Digital 808 Madness Vol.1 WAV
'808 Madness Vol 1' from Misfit Digital is a new wave of 808's that will make everything from your trunk to your windows shake. This pack contains 20 tuned and 30 untuned 808's in all styles and genres from Trap to EDM. 
Zenhiser Sexy Deep House Drums WAV Zenhiser Sexy Deep House Drums WAV
It’s time to get your drums deep, really deep and Zenhiser is here to shine the light. With an incredible collection lush Deep House drum loops and crisp authentic drum sounds ‘Sexy Deep House Drums’ has all the warmth and character you could possibly need. Each drum loop within the Zenhiser pack balances retro flair with creative patterns, and is supplied in various options including full beat, without kick, stripped down with kick and stripped down without kick. With just the right frequency response in each loop, the exact amount of swing, the perfect balance of authentic deep house drum sounds and forward thinking patterns to deliver something new, exciting and fresh makes this sample pack that cut above the rest. On top of that we’ve supplied a new array of pristine and downright sexy drum sounds to complete the sound pack.
Puremagnetik Kardoni MULTiFORMAT Puremagnetik Kardoni MULTiFORMAT
Kardoni captures the spirit of the original ARP Omni Mk2 in a library of programs that deliver this legend right to your desktop.

As one of the most prolific and versatile "stringers” of the late 1970s, the ARP Omni has polyphonic Violin, Viola, Bass and Cello waveforms. It is split into 3 sections: Strings, Synthesizer and Bass synth - all simultaneously available.

To emulate the original synthesizer, a restored ARP Omni was expertly recorded, voice by voice, and reverse engineered for Ableton Live, Kontakt and Logic. It even includes the famous chorus, phaser and hollow waveform sounds.
Noiiz Eclectic Percussion WAV Noiiz Eclectic Percussion WAV
Eclectic Percussion is a collection of rare, sonically exciting and unique percussion sounds from all over the world that will make your music stand out.

Experiment with the angelic strike of the Koshi or blend the harrowing sounds of the Waterphone into your project for unsettling and intriguing effect, or craft exciting rhythm sections with the collection of hand drums to add movement and energy. 
Function Loops Psytrance Kicks And Percussion WAV Function Loops Psytrance Kicks And Percussion WAV
'Psytrance Kicks & Percussion' delivers all the tools you need to get the "drums of the pros". This is a killer collection of 167 x percussive elements guaranteed to add that missing touch to your tracks. Programmed by a talented producer with years of experience in production and performance in the biggest festivals.

Pound Audio RnB Pure Heart WAV Pound Audio RnB Pure Heart WAV
'R&B Pure Heart' brings you five royalty-free Construction Kits that deliver the sounds of Chris Brown, Justin Beiber, Kiesha Cole, Rhianna, Jason Derulo and other hit makers direct to your studio. Each of these 70 individual loops have been professionally mixed and mastered to give you a polished, commercial sound.
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