Amazing Noises Granular Lab Max for Live

Amazing Noises Granular Lab Max for Live
Granular Lab is "the ultimate granular manipulation suite” for Max for Live
It contains three audio devices and more than 100 presets/audioracks!

REQUIRES Live 9 Suite or Standard with Max For Live 7 (Compatible Mac/Win).

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Amazing Noises Chaos Effects v1.0 for Ableton Live v9.7.1 ALP Amazing Noises Chaos Effects v1.0 for Ableton Live v9.7.1 ALP
Chaos Effects is a pack of two "chaotic” devices:

Dedalus Delay – A real-time echoes maze generator
Stutter Switch – A complex rhythm gate

Both can be used to create unusual rhythmic textures, to heavily mangle the input sound or to subtly alter its characteristics.

Dedalus Delay is a real-time audio mangler. A network of delay lines is continually granulated and modulated, producing a labyrinth of echoes, which are further processed by filters, dynamic processors and saturation modules.

Dedalus can produce a wide variety of effects, from reverb-like ambiences to evolving resonations, from rhythmic pulsation to chaotic layering, from subtle chorusing to pure noise.
Twisted Tools SCAPES v1.2.2 For REAKTOR Twisted Tools SCAPES v1.2.2 For REAKTOR
Scapes is a real-time effects processor and sound generator based on feedback. It uses six independent granular delays, extensive modulation options, a gate sequencer and familiar synth style controls to dynamically manipulate the sound. With Scapes you can create high quality and unique soundscapes, rhythms and sound effects perfectly suited for use in music, film and game audio. You can easily connect it to your favorite hardware controller or iPad and immediately have fun. Now includes Antonio Blanca’s Lemur template for the iPad!


6 independent delays in one interface
Independent controls and granular controls per delay
Sources: External, Impulse, Noise, Saw, Self-Osc. Sine, Square, Tri)
Playable via MIDI with familiar synth style controls
35 scale settings for oscillators, delay time and grain pitch
Advanced modulation routing with four modulation sequencers
Independent modulation speed and length per mod sequencer
6-voice gate sequencer
Over 190 presets
220mb sample library
Kore, Maschine MK1, iPad and Lemur Templates
Lemur Template for iPad’s Liine App by Antonio Blanca
Time-stretching sample playback system
Sample content by: Antonio Blanca, D’arcangelo, Glitchmachines, Josh Hinden, Richard Devine, Rishab Bhrajan, Tembu (Bay Dawgz), Timonkey 
Extensive Documentation
Free Version Updates
Will Bedford Granulate V1.0 KONTAKT Will Bedford Granulate V1.0 KONTAKT
Granulate is a powerful granular synthesis engine for Kontakt 5, which allows any audio file to be processed in a variety of ways, to create lush pads, rich granular textures and punchy rhythmic synths. Use the built-in presets, or use your own audio by loading a sample into Kontakt's mapping editor.

With its included library of over 50 inspiring presets, Granulate has plenty of content ready to use, out of the box. However, Granulate is designed to be a flexible and expandable tool for easily creating your own custom sounds.

The presets are mainly included for inspiration, and only cover a fraction of Granulate's sonic possibilities. You are encouraged to import your own audio files, to create sounds that are truly yours!

Because Granulate runs inside Kontakt, it has the benefit of being able to load NCW files (a proprietary audio format used by many commercial sample libraries). This means you can import and process sounds from other sample libraries you own, extending your sonic palette even further.

....:::: Features ::::....
• Create your own sounds using any supported audio file
• Over 50 built-in presets for instant inspiration
• Time stretching and pitch manipulation
• Flexible grain shaping for smooth pads and abrasive grain clouds
• 'Tempo Sync' mode for creating rhythmic pads
• Simple and user-friendly interface
• Requires the Full Version of Kontakt 5.1 or above
Beatwife Tranzwife Standalone + Max for Live Beatwife Tranzwife Standalone + Max for Live
Load (Assign) 3x Sample Folders

(Samples in Folder are Auto-Assigned to Keys 0 – 127)
Buffer A = Sample Grain

(Auto Grain Pitch, Speed and Length Mods)
Buffer B = Sample Smear

(Auto Smear Speed, Length, Smear, Density Mods)
Buffer Sample Speed

(Auto Speed, Delay Time, Feedback Mods)
Experiment with your sample collections to create New and Exciting sounds for your music or video Productions.

Max for Live Starter Kit 2 by Maxology Max for Live Starter Kit 2 by Maxology
The Starter Kit 2 PeRColate by Maxology gives you the possiblity to explore the new physical modeling capabilities in Max 7. The PeRColate objects stem from the Synthesis Toolkit by Perry R. Cook and Gary Scavone, including physical modeling, modal, and PhISM class instruments.

It includes a Pitchtracker module showing how PeRColate synths can accompany acoustic musicians, sound generators, or prerecorded performances. There are also four additional Max for Live devices from Tom Hall available for free for those of you who don't get into Max programming:

GenRandom Synth: algorithmic wavetable synth with six probability algorithms
GenWave Synth: exponential b.p.f. wavetable generator
Grain Face: granulates incoming signal for different transposition and granular sampling effects
Scrub Face: variable rate delay lines with overlapping, ramping & LFO
you need MAX7!!!
Fluffy Audio TimeDrops KONTAKT Fluffy Audio TimeDrops KONTAKT
TimeDrops is a granular time manipulation tool for Kontakt 5, which enables the user to import his own samples and features an extensive of sound sources and presets. TimeDrops implements an advanced time granular engine which allows to freeze the time of any sample, creating pads and soundscapes out of any kind of material.