Echo Sound Works Spire Masterclass TUTORIAL

Soft / Video Lessons 12-12-2017
Echo Sound Works Spire Masterclass TUTORIAL
Reveal Sound’s Spire, is an attractive and capable software synth for sound designers of almost every genre. A strong foundation in subtractive synthesis combined with surprisingly adaptable wavetable and waveform features delivers something for everyone from design purists, to commercial edm producers. Spire’s unconventional hybrid-style features have attracted a dedicated and rapidly growing cult following in just a few short years.

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If you Google Sylenth vs Massive, a TONNE of results come up. A ton of opinions will also come up, some arguing that Sylenth is better than Massive and vice versa. The truth is, these synths shouldn’t be seen as direct competition to each other because the way in which they fundamentally generate sound is different.

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Bassgorilla Sound Design With Spire TUTORiAL Bassgorilla Sound Design With Spire TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 15-05-2016
Learn How To Create Sounds In SPIRE, in just 2 1/2 Hours.

Delivered by BassGorilla founder Luke Ward, this course provides you with an in-depth look at every single feature within the SPIRE soft synth VST by Reveal Sound.

By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge to:

Use the 4 independent oscillators within the synth to create a wide range of raw sounds
Get a clear understanding of how to use the various types of synthesis available in this synth (subtractive, FM, AM)
Assign the synth’s LFOs, envelopes and step sequencers to any parameters in the synth to create movement and character in your sounds.
Use the synth’s powerful effects panel to manipulate your sounds in a wide range of ways
Use the synth’s powerful filter section to create new dimensions in your sounds.

After going through all of the functions and highlighting all of the features that make this synth so unique, we then delve into the practical side, showing you step by step how to create the different layers of a track.

The presets created in this course, along with the midi files are available for download for users of other DAWs. If you use Ableton Live 9, you can download the project file containing the Spire presets and midi clips.

WORKSTATION: Suitable for any DAW that can host VST plugins
LEVEL: Appropriate For All Levels
INSTRUCTOR: Luke Ward (BassGorilla Founder)
DURATION: 2h 30m
Sonic Academy How To Use Spire with Echo Sound Works TUTORiAL Sonic Academy How To Use Spire with Echo Sound Works TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 9-07-2016
Echo Sound Works shows you what he does when he first opens a new synth, to get an understanding of the synths strengths.

Sonic Academy proudly presents 'How To Use Spire with Echo Sound Works' A massive course for a massive synth. Here 'Echo Sound Works' takes an in-depth look at a synth that appears on many top producers kit lists. Spire is a versatile hybrid synthesizer that combines powerful sound engine, simple user interface and flexible modulation architecture. We look at all the different synth engine types, explain all the filter controls and where and when to use them, and delve into the power mod matrix and step sequencer possibilities, all expertly guided by one of the worlds best tutors and sound designers. If you liked 'Echo Sound Works' NI Massive course, then you'll love this!
Mainroom Warehouse Future Deep House Essential Spire Sounds For REVEAL SOUND SPiRE Mainroom Warehouse Future Deep House Essential Spire Sounds For REVEAL SOUND SPiRE
Soft / Video Lessons 21-02-2016
Mainroom Warehouse are delighted to release ‘Future Deep House Essential Spire Sounds’ Featuring 64 x Future Deep House Spire Presets. This pack is inspired by all the top Deep House artists from around the world and all the top festivals.

......:::::: Whats In The Pack? ::::::......
• 64 Reveal Sound Spire Presets (Individual & SoundBank)
• 23 x Basses
• 21 x Leads
• 13 x Plucks
• 07 x Synths
• Requirements: Reveal Sound Spire v1.1.1+ or higher.